It was originally written in response to friends requests to tell them what experiences we had enjoyed and to save us having to repeat the stories and therefore avoid the inevitable danger of exaggerating on each repetition. Once I have entered it into print I am bound to tell everyone the same story! Comments we have received so far show that we should write a book and by the time you get to the end you will probably think that we have.
Since we purchased the Land Cruiser our trips have been virtually trouble free, apart from the situations we have deliberately caused, so we stopped writing the stories. Then we went to India in search of tigers and kept a diary of our experiences which we emailed to a couple of people. This has now been added to the web site in its entirety with some pictures and video clips. The photo gallery now includes images and clips from trips to Antarctica and the Arctic.
One modification is gradually being introduced in the camping sites section. I was introducing GPS. References but having recently joined the Tracks for Africa community which has a sister site ( with a more detailed section and so references will now be linked to it as it contains far more details than I can include here.
 Overland Safaris
This is a collection of diaries made on safaris to various parts of sub Saharan Africa in three different self drive vehicles with a later addition of one taken to India.
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